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jan 2024

dec 2026


Morphological measurements to promote biodiversity in hydropeaking reservoirs

The purpose of the project is to develop morphological measures to enhance biodiversity in rivers impacted by hydropeaking.

This project will proceed in three steps;

  1. Explore the relationship between naturally occurring erosion protection in the form of near-shore boulders, hydropeaking intensity, and ecological quality factors
  2. Evaluate the effect on ecological quality factors in three areas in the Ume River where erosion protection mimicking naturally occurring protection has been built
  3. Build and evaluate new areas with erosion protection.

The project will have a broad ecosystem perspective, including several species groups and important ecological factors and processes.

The aim is to present measures that can rehabilitate and maintain biodiversity in regulated rivers without a significant negative impact on hydropower production. Finding such measures is crucial to balance the need for renewable energy production and the need to mitigate river ecosystem degradation.

This project will be key in relicensing Swedish hydropower plants against modern environmental requirements and achieving the goals of the EU Water Framework Directive.


Roland Jansson


Umeå universitet