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jan 2023

dec 2024


Models for mechanical analysis generators with floating rim

Generators are a central component in hydropower units, but research on how these should be modelled mechanically is limited. This project will develop tools and methods to analyse and model the dynamics of generators subjected to electromagnetic and mechanical loads.

In rotor dynamics, generators are today modelled as a rigid body subject to magnetic pull. The real generator is significantly more elastic and contains several components that should be included in the model. This project is a continuation of the previous SVC project “Models for mechanical analysis of generators with floating rotor rim”. From measurements we have seen that floating rotor rim can lead to various types of vibrations and to shape deviations of the rotor rim, which can lead to fatigue and failure.

In the previous project, models and simulation techniques were developed for two- and three-dimensional generator with a floating rotor rim. Where simplified load models were necessary. However, with developed simulation techniques, we now have tools to carry out fast simulations of time-dependent processes.


Jan-Olov Aidanpää

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