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jan 2023

dec 2027


Spillway discharge safety

A spillway is probably the most critical hydraulic structure for dam safety. Studies have shown that many existing Swedish spillways will have to pass higher inflow design floods than originally designed for. This requires cost-effective engineering measures in refurbishment and upgrade of spillways.

A proper spillway design allows: (1) sufficient discharge capacity, (2) favorable chute flow conditions without overtopping of sidewalls, (3) favorable pressure and loading conditions, (4) effective energy dissipation and (5) acceptable erosion potential downstream. To identify cost-effective solutions to increase the capacity if Swedish spillways to pass higher inflow desing floods, this project aims to:

  1. Develop, adapt, and evaluate numerical approaches for flow modeling for safe spillway discharge;
  2. Contribute to improved and cost-effective hydraulic design through reliable modeling tools:
  3. Disseminate the research findings to hydropower industry for practical applications in upgrades and operations of spillways.


James Yang


KTH & Vattenfall R&D