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30/08 30/08


Plats: Teams

Tid: 12:00–13:00


Increased discharge safety and photogrammetry for flow measurement

In this lunch webinar James Yang, KTH/Vattenfall, will present a research project on increased discharge safety in high flow situations, and Hang Trieu from Luleå technical university will talk about another project dealing with more efficient flow measurement methods.

James Yang will present the now completed project Innovative design and experimental-numerical studies of Piano Key Spillway for significantly enhanced discharge and hydraulic performance, which has investigated potential improvements in the design of spillways that can increase discharge safety. Piano key spillways are a further developed version of labyrinth spillways and are characterised by a more complex geometry.

In order to improve the overflow conditions and to extend the length of the weir crest, it is proposed to streamline the overhangs of the inlet and outlet keys and to adapt their sloping bottoms to the rounded shape.

Some of the objectives of the project were to develop and evaluate an improved design of piano key weirsfor more efficient discharge, and to provide a basis for cost-effective design options in renovation projects.

Hang Trieu will present the second project Photogrammetry for flow measurements at hydropower plants with no operational restrictions or limitations  which is ongoing. The project evaluates more efficient methods for measuring water flow in detail. The focus is on photogrammetry for near-plant velocity measurements.

During the project, a multi-camera technique was developed to measure the 3D velocity of free water surfaces, in the laboratory and in the field. A key result is that the technology is ready to be used in a stationary installation – even for more chaotic flows. The aim is now to be able to make 2D velocity measurements with drones and to measure bathymetry.

Carl-Oscar Nilsson from Uniper participates as an industry representative. At the end of the webinar, he will ask questions to James Yang and Hang Trieu to put the results in context for industry.


The webinar is free of cost.


30th of augusti, 12:00–13:00.




This webinar will be held in english.


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